Hard at Work

Posted: August 16, 2009 in blog
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After the recent success of The Hip Hop Bailout Plan I’ve began on my second project titled Stress vs. Success! This is another concept mixtape. After this project will be my first ALL-original mixtape. I have a few names I’m working with and I’m looking to work with many producers and artists. If you would like to be apart of this mixtape, you can email me or Ag the Kid at Mr.Jefferson15@gmail.com and TheKidAmpGreen@gmail.com we’ll be looking forward to working with new networks. Also I’m sure you’ve heard of the film group “The Dueling Brains” that I’ve been working with, well we’re working together on another project off “The Hip Hop Bailout Plan” and we will be working on a few things for each mixtape. We’ve started brainstorming videos for the next two mixtapes I plan to release this fall. With all the upcoming projects there is a lot to look forward to. I’ll continue to post new updates on the site to keep you posted on all that I have going on. With that being said, be looking for Stress vs. Success and my OG tape to come soon.


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