Though there’s no relation to George and Weezie that moved to the Eastside of Manhattan, Mr. Jefferson does have the same strong desire to “move on up” in the world and make his name and music synonymous to greatness. Born Joseph Jefferson in Pensacola, FL, Mr. Jefferson found a love for music at an early age. By the time he was in daycare, freestyle rapping became a second language for the youngster. It was these early years that Mr. Jefferson decided to pursue a future in music, devoted to being a different type of Florida rapper. However, an abrupt move to Jacksonville, FL at the age of 10 almost ended these ambitions for Mr. Jefferson. Growing up in Jacksonville brought new struggles and pressures on a daily basis for the aspiring artist. The rugged street life Mr. Jefferson was exposed to and the constant life-or-death situations produced from it, were distancing him from getting closer from the musical destiny he envisioned. Additionally, with school becoming more of a hindrance than help, and the lack of family support expressed for his musical interests, Mr. Jefferson’s attention steadily turned to Jacksonville’s unforgiving streets for answers to his confusing teen years. The help of a friend revived Mr. Jefferson’s drive to fulfill his musical ambitions. Now 19, Mr. Jefferson has become an innovative and versatile Southern lyricist with fire in his eyes, a love for music in his heart, and Florida on his mind. Using his inventive and infectious rhyme style, Mr. Jefferson is determined to show the world an intimate and refreshing look at the life and times of a uniquely-bred Florida rapper, and ultimately garner a greater respect for Floridian artists and their music for ages to come.


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