1. Juliet says:

    The best way to describe this young emcee’s style would be to say, and I quote the J Live ‘I’m a Rapper’ Interlude, “he rocks lyrics over beats.” However, Mr Jefferson consistently displays his versatility with beats that seem to almost cross different genres of music. This aspect of his music sets him apart from most up and coming hip-hop or rap artists today, which also makes each individual song something brand new to keep the attention of listeners.
    In the high energy track, “Different Sh*t,” the juxtaposition of Mr. Jefferson’s delivery of his lyrics over the track itself creates a style rarely heard, but nevertheless a style that will attract hip-hop heads, as well as listeners who appreciate a different sound.
    While “New Money” is more of a straight hip-hop track, it’s return to an already appreciated sound makes it most likely to be the “club banger.”
    “True Devotion” uses a sample from “Oliver,” similar to other artists who have sampled pieces of Broadway-style shows, but this track gives Mr. Jefferson something more to his arsenal: Character.
    The last two tracks featured, “Get Em / Ignorant Sh*t,” both come with a harder style. While the first part is similar to “New Money,” the second half brings a sample of “Between the Sheets,” already making the track familiar, while still coming fresh.

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